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Latest Updates:

July 12, 2017
Modificatons to the "sl_human" dataset:
1. Combined five duplicated items (i.e. ATR,TP53;KRAS,PLK1;CDC16,KRAS;KRAS,SMC4;C21orf45,KRAS).
2. Removed the SDL items

Database Statistics

The SL sources of SynLethDB include manual curations from PubMed literature, three related databases (Syn-Lethality, BioGRID and GenomeRNAi), bi-specific shRNA screenings (DECIPHER), computational predictions (DAISY) and Text Mining-based results. The pie chart on the right side shows the percentages of SLs in five species, and the bottom-right histogram chart shows the numbers of SLs derived from different sources of each species.

  For each SL, we have collected its evidence sources, species, references and other relevant information. The annotations came from individual evidence sources have been quantitatively evaluated, and then used to compute an integrative confidence score to supply an overall estimation of the reliability of a specific SL. As shown in the following table, we list a few high-confidence SLs in human, together with other annotations.

High-confidence SL gene pairs

Gene A Gene B Source Species Score Disease/Cell line Reference
BRCA2 PARP1 Syn-Lethality;Text Mining Human 0.85 Breast Neoplasms... 21487248...
HRAS BIRC5 Syn-Lethality Human 0.9 Human cancer 12833149
BRCA1 PARP1 Syn-Lethality;Decipher;Text Mining Human 0.99 Human breast cancer... 15829967...
EGFR AURKA Syn-Lethality;Text Mining Human 0.832 Human cancer 20858866
BRCA1 EGFR Decipher;Text Mining Human 0.762 A549,PC3,MDA468... 3965078...
CDK4 EGFR Decipher Human 0.545 A549,PC3,MDA468 3965078
FEN1 RAD54B Syn-Lethality;Text Mining Human 0.8325 Human colorectal cancer... 19218431

Statistics of SL sources